Clothing Wants

My current list of clothes I wish I owned:

Black trench: I bought one a few years ago, but it’s a bit on the small size.   Currently I want one with a hood, possibly water-resistant.

Khaki trench: I have a super old one from Old Navy that I bought back in college.  I ripped the seam at the collar and have been wavering about whether it’s worth it to get it fixed.   It’s thin cotton that no longer has a water repelling coating and I think I just want a nicer one.  Possibly hooded, probably water-resistant.

Grey leather boots: I don’t really need new shoes.  But if I were to buy another pair, they need to be grey leather.  Or maybe Fluevogs.  I’m still kinda sad I didn’t splurge a few years ago on a gorgeous pair of blue-green pirate boots.

Black or grey wool coat:  My gray thigh-length coat is very old and worn (from college!) and my tweedy black knee-length coat is very worn considering I only thrifted it three years ago.  Once I find a good new coat I’ll probably get rid of both.


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