April Budget

I’ve bought a lot of clothes this month.  I do think it was a good mix of things I needed and impulse buys.  I also went down to visit my parents for a couple of weeks and a lot of the impulse buys happened then – thrift prices are so much cheaper in AZ!  I also made a visit to Nordstrom Last Chance (which I love) and bought several pairs of shoes…

  • Strappy silk blouse – this was an impulse buy, but I have a hard time resisting pretty silk shells.
  • Sleeveless blouse – another impulse buy, but I’ve been wanted a navy sleeveless top and this fits wonderfully
  • Bandeau (similar) – I’ve been looking for something to wear under my lower cut tops that wouldn’t be as warm as a full camisole.  I sized way up so that it would fit over my regular strapless bra.
  • Slips (this and this) – I wear a lot of skirt and dresses.  I already have several slips, but I needed slightly longer tan and black ones.
  • Purse (similar) – I usually have a winter purse and a summer purse that I rotate throughout the year.  I bought a new winter purse last year and had to get a new summer one because my old one was developing holes.
  • Button down shirt (similar in grey) – I know I always go on about how much I dislike my button downs, but really, I think I just don’t like collars.  This one has a banded collar and a lovely bright print so I think it will actually get worn.
  • Sleeveless silk blouse – another impulse buy, but it’s such a soft silk.
  • Black strapless dress – this is a lovely cotton/silk blend (it has clearly been a warm spring and I’m day dreaming about how gross and hot summer is going to be.  I need more breezy clothes!).  This dress is somewhat over sized (I needed more length and chest room than the dress that fit my waist would have provided) but I should be able to make it perfect with easy alterations (something like this tutorial)
  • Grey cotton tank dress – lovely cotton that is thick enough to not show all my undergarments.  It had this ugly ruff around the back neckline but that was super easy to remove
  • Light sweater dress (gap outlet) – this was on super clearance and is a lovely light knit that will be perfect spring/fall (once I’m back in OR).  The stripes are adorable
  • Navy blue cardigan (gap outlet) – I already own a heavy-ish, longer navy cardigan, so this was very much an impulse buy due to super clearance.  It will be nice to have another for rotation so I don’t wear the other one (which I like more) out.
  • Olive linen/silk dress (j jill) – impulse buy due to the ridiculous hot weather in Phoenix.  This is magically machine washable, which I love.  Not the most adorable on the hanger, but lovely on.
  • Cotton floral skirt (ann taylor) – another weather caused impulse buy. It’s so hot I want to wear nothing but cotton/linen/silk.  I have no idea how people stand to wear polyester when it’s 90+ out.
  • Adorable black flat mary janes (these) – these are lovely soft leather and are very comfy.  However, now I want them in silver.

Really, all the clothing purchases were pretty much impulse buys.

I also had my winter wools dry cleaned before they were stored away for the season, so that was a good piece of my clothing-related budget (dry cleaning and tailoring are added to my budget because I think it’s important for me to remember that my clothing purchases sometimes cost more than just the price on the tag)

April total:

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