Closet progress

I was going to do a “What I wore this week” post to show the progress I’m making on identifying what I wear and what I hate in my closet.  I was particularly lazy and didn’t get dressed several days this week, so that would be a really boring picture collage (“Here’s me in some jammies!”  “This was the day I put on yoga clothes, did 15 minutes of yoga, and then didn’t change for the rest of the day!” “This is my college hoodie, which I will always keep in my closet for those cold rainy icky days”).  Instead, I have updates about various closet related projects.

1: thredUP bag

I sent a bag to thredUP last month and recently got my payout info (see my bag).  I’m pleased with the payout for each individual item, but I’m a little bummed that they didn’t accept very many of my items.  I’ve requested a bag from Twice, but I’ve heard they’re really picky about only paying for newish nice clothes (which makes sense, don’t get me wrong).  I’ve also requested another thredUP bag to send my discount brand clothes (I’m hoping sheer quantity will add up)

2: Clothes under the bed

I was sorting through the clothes that don’t fit and I keep under my bed (to see if there was anything I’m not really attached to and could get rid of) and I discovered I now fit in one of the dresses and a pair of shorts (another pair of shorts, from the same brand, in the same size, purchased the same summer, can barely button.  Oh sizing, you’re so silly.)
They fit!

3: Clothes I’m getting rid of

From under my bed, I identified two skirts (both from Banana Republic, which has never fit me well) and a pair of capris (I’m not emotionally attached to them, they haven’t fit in awhile, and I think I could do better). From my actual closet, I’m getting rid of a pair of pants (which has never been terribly flattering), a silk shell (which matches a cardigan I like, but I remembered that I’ve never worn a twinset as a twinset and I doubt that will change, particularly since I don’t like the shell on its own), a sweater (cute, but bulky.  I’ve had it three years and worn it maybe once), and two blouses (don’t fit well, I could do better).
March clean out

4: Seamstress skills

I’m slowly working through my pile of clothes that need minor alterations.  I’ve gotten through the clothes that can be fixed mostly by hand.  At this point, I only have a few things that need to be taken to the tailor (because I am not actually any good at even vaguely difficult alterations) and a couple of skirts that need to be hemmed.  I don’t really have anywhere to set up my sewing machine because my main table has an incomplete puzzle on it.

Thus far, I have successfully: sewn up holes in PJ pants and leggings; removed the “belt” and ugly cuffs on a dress; removed sleeves from a dress; stitched up holes in some shirt hems.  I’m pretty pleased with myself.

I would have a picture here, but I forgot to take a picture while there actually was light so the pictures I took with my cheapy point-and-shoot were terrible (even worse than the pictures I’m willing post).  I probably could have taken a better picture with my phone (how sad is that?) but it didn’t occur to me.  I only recently joined this generation of fancy phone having, so I’m not used to using it in everyday situations.

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