Clothes I’m not wearing

I’ve never been super dedicated to getting rid of clothes that I haven’t worn for awhile. I still have a small stockpile of clothes at my parents house.  I don’t currently like them enough to have them in my regular clothing rotation, but it’s nice to have some extra clothes whenever I visit.  It’s also a pleasant surprise to rediscover things I liked back in high school & college and left at my parents’.  Maybe someday, when styles have come around again, some of those clothes (my beloved velvet paisley dress!) will be a part of my regular wardrobe again.   It’s only a few more years before some of those clothes will count as home-grown vintage.

The clothes under my bed are a size too small.  I can zip them up, but it’s not cute or comfortable for me.  I know most closet clean outs recommend getting rid of any clothes that don’t currently fit, but I love these clothes and was wearing them a year and a half ago.  I gained a couple of inches (I own a tape measure but no scale) and had to hide all my most fitted clothes so that I’d stop trying them on every morning.  Since one of my 2014 goals is eating better/exercising more regularly, I hope they can rejoin my wardrobe soon.

The clothes currently hiding under my bed:

Clothes under my bed5 dresses | 2 blouses | 5 pants | 3 shorts | 11 skirts

I also have a giant stack of clothes that need some level of tailoring/fixing.  Some things should be within my capabilities of fixing (basic hemming, taking up straps) and some things will need a professional.  Some of these clothes have been in the to-be-fixed pile for too long.  Publishing this should obligate me to doing something about them.

Clothes to fix2 sweaters | 4 tops | 4 skirts | 3 dresses | 1 pair of leggings | 2 pants

This seems like too much work, but I currently have more free time than money.  Also I like these clothes enough that I want them to be everyday wearable but I’m not so fond that I will be heartbroken if they are horribly ruined.

I also created a list of clothes I wish I owned, even though I’m probably not going to buy them anytime soon.

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