Outerwear and Shoes

I love my coats and jackets. Part of this, I think stems from the fact that I didn’t really own a proper coat for most of my childhood – I grew up in southern CA and AZ and a hoodie sufficed for most winters.


  • 4 coats (wool & parka)
  • 4 trench coats
  • 8 jackets

16 total.  That doesn’t seem too bad, but I have favorites that I’ll wear for weeks and a few that I wear maybe once or twice a year (mostly those transitional coats – I need different light options so I can stop wearing my super old jacket that doesn’t fit very well).  Also, several of them are getting worn down and I’ll need to replace within the next couple of years.

I have way more shoes than I had realized.  It’s not really a surprise because my shoes live in three different places – in season shoes live in my hallway,  out of season shoes live in my hall closet (some on the floor and some in a hanging shoe rack) and my fancy shoes live on shelves in my bedroom.  This separation made sense at one point, but it really kept me from realizing how it has all added up.  Now, when I look at how many shoes I own and how much money must have been spent on shoes that don’t fit very well or that have fallen apart… this doesn’t even include the shoes in my donate pile right now.


I have:

  • 10 boots
  • 4 heels
  • 5 wedges
  • 11 pairs of flats
  • 3 casual shoes
  • 5 athletic/skater shoes
  • 1 hiking boots (these need to be replaced some day because they started rubbing the back of my ankle)
  • 3 sandals
  • 3 flip-flops (the brown ones are just about worn through, but old navy hasn’t had this style for the last 2-3 years so I’m still clinging to them.  Luckily I don’t wear flip-flops much anymore – they’re too casual for anything except beach time and reading in the park)

45 things that go on my feet.  It’s crazy.

For some reason, this massive pile of shoes feels more shocking than my piles of other clothes.   I wear a very common 7/37.5.  The last couple of years, working near a downtown TJ Maxx and Ross and living in boot weather, has really increased my shoe wardrobe.  I also discovered that the last Nordstrom’s Last Chance is in Scottsdale (how did I not know this was a thing?) and bought several pairs when I was visiting my parents at Thanksgiving.

280 items of clothing.  That’s not as bad as I had thought it was going to be, although I didn’t count t-shirts, exercise clothes, jammies, or any of the random other things that live in drawers.  It’s still more clothing than I wear with any sort of regularity.

As I continue to go through the clothes in my closet, I’m beginning to realize that it’s not necessarily that I want to get rid of all my clothes for some arbitrary minimalist clothes (I’m not really a minimalist by nature).  I’m beginning to think it’s that I want to have a more streamlined selection in my closet so that I have an easier time deciding what to wear in the morning without trying on half a dozen things only to remember that they don’t fit or I don’t really like them.

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