Sweaters and hoodies

I don’t think I owned a cardigan until I was in college.  My junior year, I did a semester in DC (“Transforming Communities” at American) and bought black dress pants, Payless heels, button-down tops and cardigans (a few of which I still own – oh what the heck, here’s a picture of the button-down and cardigans I still own from that semester; the pants stopped fitting, and the shoes broke).  This was my idea of proper grown up work clothes.  I’m really glad my wardrobe has gotten more “me” (although moving away from that uniform probably also contributed to my current dilemma of owning too many clothes).

And now I own too many cardigans and sweaters. (I am far too lazy to edit my photographs.  Sorry?)


  • 6 vests/shells
  • 2 short-sleeved sweaters
  • 2 shrugs
  • 9 short/half/three-quarter sleeved cardigans
  • 3 three-quarter sleeved sweaters
  • 8 long- sleeved sweaters
  • 14 long-sleeved cardigans

44 total sweaters and cardigans.  That’s actually many more than I had realized.  Why do I have so many clothes?


My sweatshirts/hoodies and blazers + suits (that I never wear, although job hunting is in my near future so maybe I’ll get the opportunity to wear them soon).  Actually, I don’t wear any of my blazers either but I refuse to get rid of them because I could conceivably have a job where blazer wearing is expected.

  • 13 sweatshirts/hoodies
  • 8 blazers
  • 2 suits (1 pantsuit, 1 skirt suit.  I suppose that’s two additional blazers, another pair of pants and another skirt)

23 outer tops.  I’m pretty sure that holding onto clothes for a theoretical future is silly. That’s not going to stop me though.

219 total items counted

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