Blouses and pants

I have a lot of nice blouses and I dislike wearing most of them.


Not all the time.  But several of these tops need camisoles under them.  And when I’ll be wearing a cardigan over everything, that extra layer seems like too much some days.  I end up wearing the same handful of items or else the lazy tank top + cardigan combination, which is easy, but not as put together as my personal preference.

I also dislike button-downs.  They feel too constrictive. You’d think I’d stop buying them and I mostly have.  I have been better at wearing the ones I already own since I discovered the magic of fashion tape.  Taping up the gaping buttons makes me less paranoid that I’m going to flash everyone.

  • 4 long-sleeved button-downs
  • 8 short-sleeved button-downs
  • 27 blouses
  • 6 knit tops
  • 2 vests
  • 1 strapless top thing

48 total!

I am actually surprised to discover I own more hanging tops than I do skirts.  I think this speaks more to my skirt issue than any balance in my closet.

Of course, this doesn’t include my graphic tees (which live on a shelf), my knit sleeveless tanks (which also live on a shelf), my layering tees (which live in a drawer) and my other knit tops/tees (which live in a different drawer).  I have not yet decided if I’m bothering to photograph and count those.  I’m thinking that since I don’t want to, that probably means I should (that’s how people make decisions, right?).

Time has passed and I decided to take a  photos.  But I’m still not counting them.  I moved the things in drawers onto these shelves for picture-taking purposes.  I had to move random other things that normally live on these shelves to a pile on my bed to make room.  The sacrifices I make.


Top row: Layering tees, graphic tees, other tees

Bottom Row: Colorful camisoles, tank tops, white camisoles

Really, my camis could be combined because I don’t have that many, but I really hate when I accidentally grab my off-white cami instead of a white one, so they’re separated.  I usually layer white ones under thin tops and colorful ones if they’re going to be seen.


I don’t wear pants as often as I wear skirts or dresses.  Part of that is simply that pants are trickier to fit for me, I’m too lazy to get things altered that often and pants show weight gains less forgivingly than skirts do (at least on me).


I own:

  • 6 jeans
  • 4 casual/weekend pants (hiking pants, snow pants, cords)
  • 7 business/casual pants (chinos, trousers)

17 pairs seems like a lot considering how rarely I wear pants.  I predict a lot of these will be going after I try to convince myself to wear them.  Or some of them might move to my box under the bed.

I also own three pairs of shorts (which I haven’t photographed because I forgot).   I wore one of those pairs significantly more than the other two last year (mmm maroon knee-length shorts.  Those are still on trend, right?)

152 counted items of clothing

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