Book storage

I’m spending all sorts of time thinking about how I keep my clothes, but I also wanted to share my books.  For some reason, even when I get worried about how much money and space I’m spending on clothes, my books get a free pass.  They only take up one bookcase in my apartment (not counting the books that end up on my nightstand), but when I was a kid, I had 3 bookcases (15 shelves – I think each shelf was about 2.5 feet long, so we’re talking at least 37.5 linear feet of books).  I did a little book clean out when I went off to college, then a much bigger clean out when I moved up to OR.  Recently, I was back at my parents house and sorted through (again) to sell books to Bookman’s (a local chain of used media – I love them).  I think my parents are down to just 1.5 bookcases of my books 🙂  My parents are also book lovers, so they’ve been really nice about keeping my books for me.

Book shelf

My bookshelves are so messy.  But lifestyle blogging is all about realism, right? This is my one bookcase here.

I also have a smaller bookcase that’s full of library books.

Library bookcase

Talking about clothes at this stage is easier than coming up with things to say about books.  I’m just cataloging my wardrobe, which is easier for me than coming up with thinky thoughts about books.  This might be a personal issue (maybe I’m not reading enough!) or maybe it means I need to think more critically about my wardrobe.

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