Initial count of dresses and skirts


These are my dresses. The summer silks and cottons are on the right in this photo. Most of my dresses are dark: black, grey, navy, purpley-red.  Pink and brighter blue show up in my summer wardrobe.  I have a couple of outliers, but most of my dresses are solid, although again prints are more permissible in summer.  This really is interesting (to me.  Again, I recognize that MostlyShelved is mostly navel gazing for my own entertainment).

I just realized I forgot to include my sweater dresses because they live in a drawer.  I have six.  You will note that they also live in the black/grey/blue realm.  Two of these (maybe three if I’m being honest) of these are more tunic-y in the sense that I need very opaque leggings to feel okay wearing them out and about because they are fairly short.  I’m not really one for exposing myself in public.


I just counted my hanging dresses and I have 35.  I admit, I’m a bit surprised that I could wear a different dress every day for more than a month without repeats.

Skirts are my favorite item of clothing.  They fit beautifully even when I gain or lose an inch (except my pencil skirts, but I love them anyway).  They can create all sorts of lovely silhouettes depending on what I want to look like that day.  I can get away with wearing stretchy materials and elastic waistbands while still looking like a professional grownup.

Skirts are another clothing item that rotates throughout the seasons.  My thick wools and knits get put away each spring.  My cottons and unlined skirts get to come out then and provide some much needed color and brightness to my wardrobe.  I love them all year round, although Portland weather has made me invest in piles of tights.


I own too many skirts and not enough skirt hangers.  These are mostly all doubled up for picture taking purposes, but it’s rare for all my skirts to be in my closet at the same time.  The more summery skirts are mostly on the left in this picture.
43 skirts! How do I own even more skirts than I do dresses?  My closet is like a TARDIS.  I have no idea how all these clothes have been crammed in here

84 items of clothing counted thus far.

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