Random Thoughts on Books

I think it’s a bit early to do a proper update on the books I’ve read thus far in 2014 (I’m tentatively planning on doing quarterly updates) but I’m totally up for random babbling about what I’m hoping to read this year.

I’ve always had a very long, possibly overly ambition to-read list (is there a book equivalent for the “eyes bigger than my stomach” saying?  A bookshelf longer than the time in a day?).  My local library system allows me to checkout something like 100 books and request something like 100 on my hold list.  This really does let me request anything that I stumble upon on blogs or book reviews or Goodreads without having to worry that I’ll hit my limits.  My old library only let me check out 30 physical items and have 3 things on hold, which was painful whenever I wanted to put an early hold on a book that wasn’t going to be released for months.

Right this moment, I have 48 items out and 12 things on my hold list.  Admittedly, several of those are DVDs, but still.  That’s a lot of books to theoretically read in the next 3 weeks (my library system also has a generous renewal system, so sometimes I end up with books for a couple of months.  And still don’t manage to read them.  Oops?)

I’ve been reading a lot more non-fiction these last couple of years than I used to.  I didn’t recreationally read non-fiction throughout my college years (I had way too much reading required for classes) and I think I’m at the point again where I miss learning things.  I like reading about all those things I didn’t learn during school (pop science, economics, religion, environmental politics).  I’ve also been re-reading books from my childhood that I remember fondly but haven’t read in ages.  I’m also trying to read more books on my “books I think other people have read but I never got around to.”  Hence Mary Poppins, The Princess Bride.  These are also books that have been made into movies of my childhood.

This doesn’t stop me from reading all the new books that my much beloved authors publish, but I have really slowed down on reading new fiction by unfamiliar authors.  I don’t know if it’s just that I’m pickier about fiction than I am nonfiction, but I’ve been really bleh about a bunch of the books I’ve tried in the last few months.

If anyone (in my non-existent readership) has any good book recommendations, I’d love to hear it.  I prefer fantasy (I like urban, not paranormal.  Fantasy of manners, not steampunk.  I love fairy-tales, not a big fan of epic/high fantasy) although there are exceptions to everything.

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