Books Read in 2013: part 3

I read a random scattering of fictional adult books.  A book club started at my work, I reread some old favorites and new books that were published.

Notable adult fiction read in 2013:

Spirit’s End by Rachel Aaron – I enjoyed this series.  There were a few points (book 4…) where it felt like it was being dragged out far past reasonable story-telling.  I somewhat felt the series could have successfully been a trilogy without having lost anything.  The world was interesting, but I wasn’t totally satisfied with the mythology of the universe.

Midnight Blue-Light Special by Seanan McGuire – I’ve enjoyed her other urban fantasy books (I was just complaining to someone that I missed the days where urban fantasy often included the Fae rather than werewolves/vampires) and this series has adorable talking mice.

Saturday by Ian McEwan – this books was not to my liking.  I only include it on this list because it was the first book club book we read and it was a good reminder that just because a book gets lots of good reviews does not mean anyone actually wants to read it.

Necessity’s Child by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller – The Liad books are heaps of fun to read.  I’m always glad when another comes out.  I’ve been really thrilled with the two Constellation volumes because I really like the short stories that fill in the universe.

Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews – I don’t really like paranormal romances but I enjoy many urban fantasies.  Considering the significant overlap between the genres, it’s really hard to try out new books.  I stumbled upon Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniel books several years ago and I look forward to each .  I also enjoy her Edge series (surprising, since they were published as paranormal romances!).

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